The ISJP chief endeavor is publishing, and it has 3 major series of paper publications, all in 8½ x 11 inch size offset lithographed with high-quality illustrations. A new CD-ROM Monograph series began in 1997.

Japenese Philately


The magazine Japanese Philately


The magazine Japanese Philately (5 to 6 issues a year), is printed in full color and copiously illustrated with photographs and maps, concentrating on information that is likely to be of lasting value. The average size of an issue is 56-64 pages.

A year's volume of Japanese Philately usually totals around 300 pages. Our printers provide high-quality reproduction of text, photographs, maps and other illustrations on 8½ x 11 inch pages that open flat. The ISJP publishes far more pages than most other specialist-society magazines, and uses far more and larger illustrations. In the American Philatelic Society's first National Philatelic Literature Competition, Japanese Philately won the Grand Award as the best periodical produced by a specialist society. At international exhibitions around the world, Japanese Philately has consistently placed at or near the top in literature awards. Most recently, it won a Reserve Grand at the August 2012 APS StampShow. Here are some representative articles from our recent editions.

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A series of ISJP Monographs


ISJP Monographs each consisting of a single study too long for inclusion in Japanese Philately. Monographs are usually supplied to members either free or at printing cost. New titles are always in preparation. Copies of all monograph back issues are available through direct mail order.


ISJP CD-ROM Monographs


The new series of ISJP CD-ROM Monographs is believed to be the first series of philatelic research studies to be published solely in this medium.

Forgeries of the Dragon, Cherry Blossom and Koban Postage Stamps of Japan by Ron Casey, Lois M. Evans-de Violini and Thomas L. Zane. ISJP CD-ROM Monograph 1. 1600 pages and more than 1850 color graphic images.  A glossary assists in understanding the terminology; an extensive bibliography provides direction for further research.

This publication can be used on any IBM-compatible computer or Macintosh with an Internet web browser. html links are used to simplify the task of accessing the data. A 17" SVGA monitor at 1024 by 768 resolution with 256 colors is preferred; smaller monitors may require horizontal scrolling and lesser resolutions will degrade the image.

There are two editions and the second edition substantially updates the original edition.

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Momograph 21 The Large Commemorative Datestamps of Japan

 The most recent monograph is ISJP Monograph 21
The Large Commemorative Datestamps of Japan
by Charles A. L. Swenson


Cumulative Index Volumes 1-60

Annual and Cumulative Indexes


Annual and cumulative indexes to Japanese Philately. Each issue of the magazine itself has a conventional table of contents inside the front cover. However, the ISJP has pioneered the production of very detailed and systematic subject indexes that permit a reader to locate quickly whatever has appeared in Japanese Philately on any subject. The main index subject holds 60,000 separate entries covering every issue of Japanese Philately as well as all the ISJP monographs that have been published.

The 69-volume index (1946-2014) is available to both ISJP members and non-members by accessing the following links. The Main Index entries are listed by subject in five distinct sections, and as its name suggests is the principal source for your searches. The Author Index lists the subject titles of all articles (in a similar form to a convential table of contents) by the name of their author.

Reference to the Guide to Use of Index is absolutely essential to maximize the use and understanding of both indexes and it is recommended that this be read prior to their initial access. Having identified pages of Japanese Philately that are of interest, copies of electronic page images or back issues (if available) of the journal can be obtained by accessing the Copy and CD-R Services

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