The International Society for Japanese Philately was founded in Canada in 1945.

When the Society was organized in 1945, it had only three members. Since then it has grown to be one of the world's largest single-nation specialist societies, passing the 1,000-member mark in 1968. Because the unit cost of printing decreases as the quantity increases, a large society can publish a large magazine at a modest price, with room for greater variety of articles.

On the other hand, the ISJP is a non-profit organization with no paid employees. Except for printing, the work of the ISJP is done entirely by unpaid volunteers in their spare time. This is why issues of Japanese Philately cannot be published on a precise rigid schedule like that of a general philatelic magazine blessed with a full-time salaried editorial and clerical staff. We try to work in an efficient and professional manner but we are not a business and could not survive if we had to pay for the long hours of service that are donated to the Society. The ISJP has been very fortunate over the years in having so many members willing to contribute their time and share their knowledge with others.

The Society encourages formation of autonomous regional chapters the activities of which include the holding of regular meetings, publication of chapter magazine, and the sponsoring or taking part in regional exhibitions. Currently, we have active chapters in the United Kingdom, Scandinavia, Washington DC, and the recently formed Southern California Chapter which had its first meeting at SESCAL on Saturday 5 October 2013 at the Hilton Los Angeles Airport Hotel.

Since ISJP members are spread all over the world, it is difficult to hold general meetings or to sponsor exhibitions. Although with the majority of members resident in the USA, in recent times meetings together with the sponsoring of The Robert M. Spaulding ISJP Award for the best Japanese exhibit have been held at major exhibitions in East or West Coast US cities. A membership list is published annually which provides a facility for members to make contact and discuss collecting areas of mutual interest. Members can choose not to be listed by notifying the Secretary.