Free Digital Expertizing for Members

For several reasons, it is impossible to determine that a stamp is genuine from a digital image. But at the same time, it is easy to recognize digital images of the common forgeries of classic Japanese stamps.

Therefore the ISJP offers a free expertizing service. ISJP members can e-mail digital images of their stamps to

The expert will separate the images into two categories:

1. images of forgeries

2. images of stamps that need to be seen to be expertized.

Please include your name and ISJP number with your request

No stamp will be determined genuine by this method.

This service is for classic stamps only (Dragons, Cherry Blossoms, and Koban) covers.

The digital image must be in color, in focus and of sufficient resolution to see the stamp features clearly on the screen. For instance, digital images of full album pages would not acceptable. If you are not sure that your digital image is good enough, send a sample for suggestions. With technology readily available today, the scanned digital image is the most reliable way to get the desired result.   Jpg color images are the best, but other formats can be handled. Please ask if you need to use some other format.  DO NOT PUT YOUR SCANS INTO A .ZIP FILE. Please include your name and membership number with your request.