Invitation Card Forgery by Denison, Westerly, RI, USA


Invitation Card Forgery by Denison


X:\UNKNOWN\INVITE.HTM is the CD-Rom page address where X is the drive letter of your CD-Rom.

The 'Invitation Card' forgeries have been found to have been originally incorporated in a trade card produced by 'Denison, the Jeweler, Westerly, Rhode Island, USA' probably in the late 19th or early 20th centuries. Until this discovery the only known copies of these forgeries were examples which had been cut from these trade cards. It is obvious from the known examples of the fake cancellations that a number of alternate designs must have been used, although from available evidence it would seem that these different cancellations were only applied to the same four stamp designs, the Japan 500 mon dragon and 20 sen Cherry Blossom, and the two early Chinese stamps.

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