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Japanese Philately


The bimonthly publication of the International Society for Japanese Philately. Individual back issues are $5 each to North America and $10 each to other destinations; annual volumes are $16 to North America $28 to other destinations. Most annual volumes consist of 6 issues, but some have fewer. Back issues are available for Volume 19 (1964), Volumes 21-23 (1966-1968), Volumes 26-45 (1971-1990), and Volume 47 (1992) through the most recent complete year. Volumes 1-18, 20, 24, 25 and 46 are sold out; please do not order these.

Japanese Philately, on CD-R, any number of volumes is $12 plus $3 per volume to all destinations.

The entire run, volumes 1-73 on multiple CD's can be purchased for $100 or on one 16GB Flash Drive for $75.

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Cumulative Index to Japanese Philately, print edition Vol. 1-60 (1946-2005), by Ron Casey & Kenneth Kamholz [hard cover] $20 to all destinations

Current Cumulative Index to Japanese Philately, Vol. 1-73 (1946-2018), now freely available for access or download below:


The 73-volume index (1946-2018) is available to both ISJP members and non-members by accessing the following links. The Main Index entries are listed by subject in five distinct sections, and as its name suggests is the principal source for your searches. The Author Index lists the subject titles of all articles (in a similar form to a conventional table of contents) by the name of their author.

Reference to the Guide to Use of Index is absolutely essential to maximize the use and understanding of both indexes and it is recommended that this be read prior to their initial access. Having identified pages of Japanese Philately that are of interest, copies of electronic page images or back issues (if available) of the journal can be obtained by accessing the Copy and CD-R Services