Southern California Chapter of ISJP

The Southern California Chapter of the International Society for Japanese Philately is a local chapter dedicated to fostering, developing, and otherwise enhancing stamp collecting, with a focus on Japanese philately, within the Southern California area.


Newsletter/Meeting Notice:  Monthly by email Barbara Bilson
Dues:  $16 per year, pro-rated quarterly
Meetings:  First Sunday each month
Meeting Place:  Rotates at various locations in Los Angeles area
Meeting Time:   1:30-3:30pm
Annual Meeting:   October at SESCAL
President:  Ed Kawasaki
Secretary:  Dave Frick
Treasurer:  Janet Baas
Program Chairman:  Don Lacer
Add to Meeting Notice:  Ed Kawasaki

Southern California Chapter of ISJP
Forgeries Seminar
March 22, 2015

Left to right: Wes Robbins, Janet Baas, Ed Leighton, Dave Frick, Lois Evans-de Violini, Steve Radall, Jon Schrag, Ed Kawasaki

Southern California Chapter of ISJP at AmeriStamp Expo
February 15, 2015

Left to right : Jon Schrag, Ed Leighton, Ed Kawasaki,Dave Frick, Barbara Bilson, Lois Evans-de Violini,Wes Robbins, Steve Radall

Los Angeles Chapter