ISJP Monograph No. 11: A Specialized Listing of the Japanese Occupation Stamps of China


The two authors, both advanced collectors of Japanese Occupation stamps of China, undertook this research study after identifying that the three specialized catalogs on the subject differed substantially in their listings of these stamps.

The three catalogs are the Colour-illustrated Stamp Catalogue of China, commonly referred to as 'Chan' after its editor Chan Shu-hou; Ma's Illustrated Catalogue of the Stamps of China, commonly referred to as 'MA'; and the Japanese Stamp Specialized Catalog (JSCA).

The stamps are listed in Chan catalog order with the corresponding catalog numbers for not only the MA and JSCA catalogs where listed, but also for the Scott and Stanley Gibbons catalogs. Therefore, the tables in this monograph not only provide information on the disparities in the listings amongst the five catalogs, but also provide a concordance between their catalog numbers.

The contents include Japanese Occupation stamps used in provinces in North China, Inner Mongolia, Central China, and South China.


North American Destinations $7
Other Destinations $14