ISJP Monograph No. 7 a: Addenda to Monograph 7; The Roman Letter Postmarks of Japan


In the 6-year period following the publication of Monograph 7 in 1979, updating information from a total of forty-four people around the world was sent to George A. Fisher Jr., who had undertaken the maintenance of this data bank following the death of the author of Monograph 7, John Gordon Bishop.

Mr. Fisher published the updated information in this Addenda to Monograph 7 in early 1985. The entries can be easily cross-referenced to the original monograph, as they all include page number, illustration number, post office name, or other significant identification.

Most of the new information consists of changes to the earliest and latest recorded dates for each postmark, but it also includes additional postmarks, explanatory notes, and a small number of error corrections.

Sold with Monograph No. 7.

North American Destinations $15
Other Destinations $22