ISJP Monograph No. 7: The Roman Letter Postmarks of Japan


Early outgoing international mail from Japan was handled by the American, British or French consular agencies, but in January 1875 Japan's own postal service started to assume this responsibility, using its own stamps and postal markings on foreign mail. These postal markings used roman letters rather than kanji characters, and this monograph provides a comprehensive study of the history of these roman-letter postmarks.

A systematic approach has been taken in this monograph's presentation and this greatly facilitates the readability of its contents. Postmarks appear in sections categorised by broad design type, and then ordered by post office within each design type. Under each post office, a copy of each known cancellation is illustrated, together with its earliest and latest recorded usage dates and explanatory notes where applicable.

Besides postmarks used in Japan, cancellations employed in overseas offices, seapost offices, and for paquebot mail are listed. A good example of the thoroughness taken in this monograph is Appendix 1, which provides a list of 'backward spellings' to assist in the identification of partial strikes.

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