ISJP Monograph No. 1a: Index to Monograph No.1


This supplement does not contain updated or additional information to what is included in Monograph 1, but is rather a valuable tool to facilitate the location of the postmarks illustrated in the earlier publication.

The original index in Monograph 1 provides a list of all 1,160 post offices operating at the end of 1872 by the romanized English version of their names in alphabetical order. It also provides a cross-reference to where examples of postmarks from these post offices can be found amongst the more than 1,500 postmarks illustrated. These cross-references however, list the postmarks only by their classification group, which still requires the reader to further search through all the postmarks in that group.

Consequently, Murray H. Schefer, with the permission of the Monograph 1 author George A. Fisher Jr., produced this supplement to the index by providing a unique location identifier for each postmark incorporating its page number, line number, and illustration from the left within each line.

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