ISJP Monograph No. 1: Early Japanese Postmarks and Post Offices

The number of active post offices in Japan increased rapidly from 65 at the commencement of the modern Postal System on 20 April 1871, to 1,160 by the end of 1872. These post offices used an incredibly diverse array of postmarks, incorporating many different shapes and designs.

Prior to the publication of this monograph previous literature had presented illustrations of these early postmarks in haphazard form, making it difficult even for a reader of Japanese to determine whether a certain postmark was known.

In this monograph, the author George A. Fisher Jr. illustrates over 1,500 different postmarks in a systematic order using a classification system he devised based on shape and style, which, together with a listing of all post offices in alphabetical order, allows even someone not familiar with Japanese to quite easily make identifications.

Mr. Fisher also includes a number of comprehensive appendices that provide translations of some of the more commonly used Japanese characters, which further enhances the monograph's utility for the non-Japanese reader.

This monograph is sold with the, Supplement to the Monograph 1 Index, by Murray Schefer and come together (not sold separately)


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