Members Only Benefits:

Japanese Philately:

Members receive each issue of the printed copy of Japanese Philately by mail.  Members' print issues will include any new Monograph released in that year as well as an annual index and membership list.

Current Issue Online:

Members can access the most current issue of Japanese Philately in Adobe PDF format as soon as it is placed in the mail.  This will be before anyone can receive their printed copy.


Members are allowed two-free 4-line advertisements each year in Japanese Philately and additional advertising space at very low rates.


Only members can borrow from the extensive Library.

New Issue Postal Stationery:

New Issue Postal Stationery is available from the Sales Manager.

Member Access:

If you are a member trying to access the pages for the first time, or if you are having a problem with access, send a message to the webmaster with your name, membership number and email address.  The webmaster will grant members the needed permissions.

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