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Who Can Join?

  Membership is worldwide and open to any philatelist of ethical reputation.  

Benefits of Joining

Whether your philatelic interest in Japan or related areas is recent or of long standing, and whether it is general or specialized, we think you will find membership in the ISJP beneficial and enjoyable, for reasons discussed below. It is one of the world's largest specialist societies, with members in about thirty nations, including at least one nation on every continent.

Japan is an interesting and important country, and its stamps, postal markings, and postal stationery are well-designed and well-produced. Collectors are also attracted to Japanese philately because the possible fields of collecting are so numerous and varied. For example: classic regular issues, modern regular issues, special issues, topicals, perforation varieties, printing varieties, paper varieties, postal stationery, postal markings, covers, postal history, specimen overprints, revenues and forgeries.

Some ISJP members collect only one or a few of these; others collect most or all of them. Some collect material from all parts of the Japanese empire; others collect only Japan proper, or only Manchoukuo or Ryukyu Islands or one or more Japanese occupied areas in China or Southeast Asia. Some ISJP members are just starting a Japanese collection, others have had many years of experience in the Japanese field, and still others are somewhere in between.

Whether a member's interests are general or specialized, the ISJP's objective is to provide (at low cost) useful information not available elsewhere.


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You may print the application form and mail it with remittance for US $16 payable to the ISJP to William Eisenhauer, Secretary, PO Box 230462, Tigard, OR 97281 U.S.A.

The application is in Adobe Acrobat format and can be downloaded by clicking here.

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