Certificate Service

All submissions must be accompanied by payment in US currency. For residents of the US and Canada the service is available for both ISJP members and non-members. For residents outside the US/Canada it is available for ISJP members only.

 Each item examined is photographed, and a copy of the photograph is attached permanently to a signed certificate. The basic charges are US$12.00 for each stamp and US$30.00 for each cover plus shipping costs to return materials. Shipping, including packing, by registered mail is US$5 up to 50 gm, and $8 for 51 to 500 gm. Any item exceeding a net value of US$50 must be postally insured and this is an additional surcharge of US$2.20 for each US$100 value (max. total $500 per letter). Note that items addressed to Asia (other than Japan), Eastern Europe, Turkey, Italy and Belgium invariably must be insured.

All submissions to be sent to Florian Eichhorn, Adolfsallee 17, D-65185 Wiesbaden, Germany.  Email communication prior to sending is necessary.

Payments accepted in US$ or Euros. The preferable method of payment is by PayPal at minato@web.de. US-residents only may use checks through separate payment to the ISJP  Treasurer, William Eisenhauer, P. O. Box 230462, Tigard, OR 97281. European members can also use bank transfer by SEPA (IBAN/BIC). Checks from non-US residents, and in general money orders, cash and postage stamps will not be accepted in payment of fees.

N.B. No material will be returned during December each year and it is requested that materials not be sent at this time.

How to proceed:

1.  No stamps are accepted unless submitted on a properly filled out ISJP certificate form. These certificate forms can be obtained from Kenneth Kamholz by email or by mail from, P. O. Box 1283, Haddonfield NJ  08033. Be sure and include your name, address, and the number of forms needed with your request. Only one stamp per certificate. A block is considered one stamp.

2.  Email Florian Eichhorn for approval before sending stamp

3.  With approval, fill out required information on page 2, affix items in pouch provided on page 3, and ship items(s).  Include a photocopy and list of items sent.



At this time, we are not accepting the following items for expertization:

1: Japanese WWII occupation issues (except Hong Kong including on cover and stationery)

2: Ryūkyū Islands issues

3: Japan, military mail, 1921, so called Tsingtau provisional (rubber handstamp on 3 S. Tazawa)




The Expert Committee, Philatelic Federation of Japan

Some items that cannot be accepted by the ISJP expert committee can be expertised by the Expert Committee of the Philatelic Federation of Japan (PFJ).

At this time, the PFJ does not accept Japanese occupation of South East Asia in WWII.


Areas of expertise, fees, conditions and contact experts can be found by downloading the .pdf files below:

http://www.yushu-rengo.jp/expert/pictures/guideline.pdf ( English)
http://www.yushu-rengo.jp/expert/pictures/guideline_jpn.pdf ( Japanese)


Before sending any material it is necessary to:

1.  Contact the PFJ committee with a scan attached of the item, at the e-mail contact expert@yushu-rengo.jp
2.  Ask for involved costs.


Application form:  (Print, fill in details and include with your items(s)):



Mail address for sending materials to be expertised:

Expert Committee Philatelic Federation of Japan,
Family Park Kami-Yoga 402,
6-33-16 Kami-Yoga Setagaya-ku,
Tokyo 158-0098 Japan
E-mail: expert@yushu-rengo.jp

ファミリーパーク上用賀402 号室
世田谷区上用賀六丁目33 - 16
Tokyo, 158-0098 JAPAN