The Society is non-political and non-commercial with one objective: to promote intelligent interest in the philately and postal history of Japan and former Japanese colonies (Korea, Sakhalin [Karafuto], Taiwan), territories (Kwantung, the South Manchurian Railway Zone, and the mandated Caroline, Mariana, and Marshall Islands), and occupied areas (China and Southeast Asia), including Manchoukuo, the Ryukyu Islands, Japanese seapost offices and other civilian and military post offices abroad, and foreign post offices in Japan.

Who can join?

Membership is worldwide and open to any philatelist of ethical reputation.

How to join:

To join the ISJP, please print the application form, and mail it to William Eisenhauer, Secretary, PO Box 230462, Tigard, OR 97281 U.S.A. with a check or money order for $16 payable to the International Society for Japanese Philately.

What is the ISJP?